Crying Is A Signal Of Weak point

Crying Is A Signal Of Weak point

Fable: Crying is a Signal of Weak point. A consumer lately got here to me as a referral by her ear, nostril and throat specialist–ENT. She had fixed nasal drip and a cough, which didn’t have any bodily foundation. After many remedies and far frustration on each their components, she got here to me.

Her historical past revealed that she had by no means cried various tears at age twenty-one when her husband was killed in Viet Nam. Two years in the past when the post-nasal drip grew to become insufferable her youthful sister died with most cancers. One other occasion she didn’t enable herself to cry.

She wouldn’t let herself cry, as a result of she didn’t wish to be weak or be taken benefit of if she confirmed any weak point. Mom of a one-year-old she believed she couldn’t enable herself to be weak. She wanted to be robust. Not permitting herself to cry was her means of proving she was robust and will deal with what life handed her. When her sister died she was in shock for 2 years–she couldn’t imagine that her youthful sister would die. Her sister was optimistic that she would beat the large “c” and when she didn’t this girl once more wouldn’t enable herself to mourn her loss. She thought if she cried she wouldn’t be as ‘robust’ as her sister had been dealing with most cancers.

Reality: Crying is mostly an indication that one is experiencing one thing overwhelmingly emotional. It could be huge pleasure, sorrow, concern, hopelessness, despair, grief, love, and even confusion. Whereas we’re in a second of utmost emotionality, it’s true that we could not essentially be as much as our fullest power, no matter which means. For instance, whereas crying, one may most likely not work out math issues very properly or elevate weights or plan a weekly menu or negotiate the sale of a automotive or residence. Crying tends to place anybody in a brief state of diminished capability.

The metaphysical reason behind post-nasal drip is interior crying and feeling like a sufferer.

Nonetheless, when one experiences feelings so overwhelming that tears are fashioned, it takes an extremely robust individual to remain within the second, to let the emotions wash over them, embrace them, and maybe, take them over for a second. He’s an extremely robust one who can endure emotional ache, let the tears stream, and await the emotion to go. Subsequently, I argue that solely the actually robust enable themselves to cry.

Those that are weaker, those that can’t tolerate deep feelings, use issues to deal with feelings, blunt feelings, stuff feelings, or cover feelings. They numb out with medicine or alcohol, they keep away from their painful relationships with workaholism, or they merely deny the emotions so forcefully that they transfer the emotions out of their consciousness. Some individuals imagine that to keep away from or escape your emotions is the better factor to do.

The individuals who cry are those, who’re actually courageous sufficient to dwell their lives, as life’s journey is introduced. To have the ability to cry is proof that you’re robust sufficient to deal with ache. So, go forward and cry when it’s time to course of the sadness–you are robust sufficient!

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