Destiny 2’s Dream Work Origin Trait is hilariously busted

Destiny 2’s Solstice event has finally arrived, promising players of the popular FPS game all sorts of fancy rewards. Of course, it’s not a Destiny event without a shiny new toy to gun down space with beasties, and boy is it bugged in the best possible way.

‘Something New’ is a Hand Cannon with a new, unique Origin Trait – ‘Dream Work’. According to the flavor text, “once per reload, assists or assisted final blows partially refill the weapon from reserves, potentially overflowing the magazine.” Where Something New usually holds seven rounds, Dream Work can effectively boost its capacity. this, as first spotted by Gamespotis where the bug comes in.

Currently, for some reason, Dream Work can proc on other weapons. As pointed out by ‘Destiny Bulletin’, if you switch weapons before your ally can finish off the kill assisted by Something New, Dream Work will add extra ammo to that weapon instead. That’s right, you can now overload your Gjallahorn with hilarious results.

In fact, you can see it for yourself below.

Needless to say, developer Bungie will be looking to patch the interaction as soon as possible, so be sure to snag Something New and blitz through bosses while you can.


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