Fiberglass Filler – What’s it and Why Apply it to Auto Physique Repairs?

Fiberglass Filler – What’s it and Why Apply it to Auto Physique Repairs?

What Is Fiberglass?

Uncooked fiberglass are available in a comfortable cloth like materials. When saturated with liquid resin and more durable, it turns into laborious and really sturdy. There should not too many fiberglass auto components on modern-day vehicles, as they’ve all began utilizing different composites like SMC and Carbon Fiber. Nevertheless, fiberglass was on early mannequin corvettes, truck hoods, and lots of different components. There are nonetheless aftermarket components which can be manufactured from fiberglass and it nonetheless used for boats and jet skis.

The Distinction Between Fiberglass and Fiberglass Filler

Fiberglass filler is available in a can and is combined with a cream hardener. It mixes loads like common physique filler, however it’s thicker and somewhat more durable to combine. The filler truly has fiberglass combined in it. It comes brief hair and lengthy hair. That is the size of the fiberglass that’s combined within the filler. Each present glorious waterproof properties as they don’t soak up water. Each fiberglass fillers are stronger than common physique filler. The lengthy hair filler offers probably the most power out of the 2. Nevertheless, these fillers are very troublesome to sand. The filler can also be thick, which makes it laborious to degree and clean like common physique filler.

Why Use Fiberglass Filler If It is So Troublesome To Sand

The rationale we use fiberglass filler in auto physique restore will not be actually the added power, however for the waterproof properties. It is strongly recommended to use a skinny layer of fiberglass filler over any welding that’s carried out. Physique filler absorbs moisture, which is able to result in corrosion and rust. Through the use of the fiberglass, we remove the moister absorption drawback. Since our primary goal is to seal the welded space, the brief hair fiberglass is adequate for the appliance.

What Can Fiberglass Filler Be Used On

This filler can be utilized over naked steel or fiberglass.

Ending The Restore

As I discussed, fiberglass doesn’t sand effectively. That’s the reason I like to recommend solely making use of a small quantity to the welded areas and tough sanding it. After that is carried out, you may apply physique filler on the highest of the fiberglass filler and end the restore as you usually would utilizing physique filler.


You must at all times put on correct protecting gear when sanding any filler. Nevertheless, excessive warning ought to be taken when sanding fiberglass merchandise. It not solely itches and irritates your pores and skin, however this can be very unhealthy to breathe the fiberglass. Make sure to put on an accredited mud respiration, gloves, eye safety, and you could even wish to put on a disposable paint go well with. If among the fiberglass does get in your pores and skin, take a chilly bathe. It will assist maintain your pores small and permit the fiberglass to scrub off.

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