Folk singer returns to New Plymouth to play tunes and spin yarns

Folk singer Adam McGrath who is playing 4th Wall Theater on Aug 4th.


Folk singer Adam McGrath who is playing 4th Wall Theater on Aug 4th.

Adam McGrath never prepares a set list. He likes to build a show around the feel of the crowd he’s performing to each night.

The folk singer, who has opened for the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Jimmy Barnes, will bring his show to New Plymouth’s 4th Wall Theater on August 4, a venue he has played numerous times both solo and with his band The Eastern.

“I first played in New Plymouth about 12 or 13 years ago and went to singer-songwriters and the place was packed and went deadly silent and just listened to whoever was on stage.

“It just made us think ‘we’ve come to the right place’. People have always been really nice and supportive there.”

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One of McGrath’s New Plymouth performances included for Fleetwood Mac opening at the Bowl of Brooklands back in 2009.

The promoter of the concert had seen McGrath and his band perform, and their crowds got bigger so decided to give them a shot.

“That experience was weird and beyond anything we’d ever get to do.”

His upcoming Taranaki show will be like his usual gigs, he said, where he tells stories between the songs.

It has been two years since he was last out on tour, so McGrath, who is usually based in Christchurch, said he had a lot of new songs and stories to tell.

McGrath is considered among the country’s hardest-working musicians, often playing more than 200 shows a year.

Pre-Covid he would travel for roughly eight months of the year around the world wherever he could get a gig.

“I’ve managed to avoid my day job for about 15 years,” he laughed.

Tickets for McGrath’s New Plymouth show are available from

Local fiddle player Chrissie Jackson will open for him.

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