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BlueTwelve Studios’ indie masterpiece Stray has taken the world and the Internet by storm. The growing success and popularity of Stray prove that unique and quirky video game concepts have the potential to entice players. With the heart-wrenching opener and adorable furry protagonist, what’s not to love?

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For better or worse, ever since Stray‘s release last week, developers and Nexus users have already been working to create different mods for the game. While some mods work to improve Stray‘s general performance and gameplay, others alter the cat protagonist. Many of these mods give the playable kitty different makeovers and change its appearance completely, ranging from the paw-sitively adorable to the downright hiss-terical. These are PC-exclusive mods available on the Nexus, so PlayStation players are currently out of luck!

7 Feline A Change?

Feel like more of a dog person? Modder crubino has created the “Happy Puppy” mod that replaces the default character with a French bulldog. All the meows have appropriately been changed to woofs and barks, but maintains the cat’s agility and basic mannerisms. This will be the most graceful Frenchie you’ve ever seen!

Crubino intends to add more to this mod in the future, including more customization options like the ability to change the color of the pup’s fur, so stay tuned! This dog mod is available here.

6 Heavy Rain – JASONNNNN!

Although this isn’t a visual mod, this mod is still guaranteed add some spice to the vanilla base game, combining it with Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain.

Nexus creator Gibrietas swaps Stray‘s cute standard meow for variations of the iconic line from the PlayStation exclusive game heavy rain – JASUNNN! Making the cat yell “JASON” on repeat is definitely a surefire method of keeping those Zurks away! Thisheavy rain mod is available here.

5 When Worlds Collide – GTA: San Andreas And Minecraft

Several mods have been made to swap the cat-aracter into recognizable characters from other well-known video games. Nexus user sir_galahad172 has created the most cursed Stray mod so far. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character CJ has been freakishly contoured to become a four-legged feline. Who knew that CJ was an abbreviation for Cat Johnson? At least players won’t have to follow a train in this playthrough. This is a joke mod, so players probably shouldn’t attempt to complete the game with this as it will break the game’s opening sequence. the CJ mod is available here.

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A certain Minecraft animal also makes an unexpected appearance in Stray. Nexus user RSH Kail Jones has created a mod that replaces the default tabby with the iconic pink Minecraft pig Although they don’t necessary blend in with this neon-apocalyptic wasteland, they are still a quirky alteration to the game. Partake in some piggy parkour across rooftops in the slums! This Minecraft mod is available here.

4 Cat’s Eye View

If your spirit animal is a cat, then this mod is for you. This first-person mod, created by Jessica Natalia, allows players to become even more immersed in the neon world of Stray.

Experience everything as a cat, like playing the piano, scratching up the furniture, and generally wreaking havoc. Adorably puzzle robots, and even sleep on their laps; this mod would be an amazing official addition if added to the base game. The Zurks are even more terrifying up close and personal! This first-person perspective mod is available here.

3 Cat In The Hat

As players progress through the world of Straythey encounter many fashionable robots expressing their personalities through their clothing. Thanks to some Nexus mods, this classy kitty can do the same. Of course, players want to see their digital cat wearing fabulous top hats and fedoras, but for now, they have to settle for a newsboy cap. The “Newsboy Cap” mod, by sir_galahad172allows players to model their fashion sense on a dystopian catwalk with this leather-look cap.

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Players can also look like an extra from Harry Potter with the glasses mod, by sir_galahad172. With the round frames, these glasses are guaranteed to elevate your kitties intelligence and make them look more well-read. With the bright neon lights in Midtown, it feels as though this mod is also conscious of the dangers of blue-light emissions. Better be safe than sorry with protection from these glasses!

2 Customizable Cats

Creators have begun to take requests and commissions for creating mods to change the Stray cat into whatever your heart desires. There are already plenty of options to choose from, ranging from black and white tuxedo cats to adorable Siamese cats with blue eyes. Players can find a mod that matches their real-life cats. Memories of their furry friends can live on through the digital world, thanks to these mods. the “Tuxedo Cat” mod can be found here, thanks to Whenbearsreign, and includes an adorable picture of the real-life kitty the mod is based on. the Siamese cat mod is available herecourtesy of sir_galahad172.

With the “Slightly Fat Cat” mod, created by Chris Rubina, players can also traverse the world of Stray as a realistically tubby tabby! With an overhanging belly, this well-fed kitty is a fun change to the standard in-game character model – size representation has never been more important! the fat cat mod is available here.

1 Garfield: The Monday Hating Moggy

Stray already features an orange tabby protagonist, but one developer has taken things a step further, introducing one of the most iconic cats in cinematic history. Nexus mod creator crubino has created a masterpiece that replaces the default cat with the famous, chunky, lasagna-loving felineGarfield the cartoon cat.

Garfield can be seen roaming this dystopian cyberpunk landscape with a disgusted half-lidded expression. This pampered puss is not impressed, but at least they are no dogs, or Mondays, in this universe! the Garfield mod is available here.

Stray is available to play now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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