Methods to Care For Your Pool Cue

Methods to Care For Your Pool Cue

Now that you have bought your very personal pool cue, and hopefully adopted a number of the recommendation from earlier articles earlier than doing so, you are going to need to care for your funding. cue is comparatively sturdy and forgiving, however all cues require care and a bit little bit of upkeep. We’ll be speaking about wooden pool cues right here, graphite and fiberglass sticks are nearly bulletproof and require considerably much less care.

CASES. You’ll want a case in an effort to carry your new cue to the pool corridor. I might suppose that might be apparent however but I always see folks coming in carrying their new cue of their hand. Come on now, you simply spent your cash and took the time choosing out a pool cue that you simply love, however you may’t spring for some form of case? Primary circumstances are vinyl or soft-sided materials. These will shield your cue in opposition to minor drops and dings, however not a lot else. I extremely suggest arduous circumstances simply because they provide a lot safety. Some circumstances are examined by driving a automobile over them with out damaging the cue inside! Your pool cue can take lots of injury in your automobile, in your home, and even at your billiard corridor so shield it as finest as you may.

Whereas we’re with reference to transporting your cue – by no means depart your pool cue in your automobile, particularly within the trunk! Wooden is extremely inclined to temperature modifications and to humidity, so keep away from storing your billiard stick in your car in any respect price. The wooden will increase and contract which might result in warping, free joints, and cracked factors.

THE TIP. The tip of your pool cue (the half that hits the ball) is a very powerful a part of the stick. You may shoot pool with a tree department or a brush deal with – or probably the most warped stick in the home, if the tip is strong and correctly formed you may play with it! No joke! Screw-on ideas are a severe no-no, so do not even go there. “Actual” ideas are glued on and are available in quite a lot of hardness. Mushy ideas maintain chalk higher and are higher for making use of “English” however they put on out and mushroom rapidly. Extraordinarily arduous ideas final eternally however want fixed re-chalking. Some say they make for a extra correct shot as properly. A medium hardness tip ought to be superb for many gamers. The tip should be capable of maintain chalk, so periodic scuffing is important. The roundness of the tip ought to be maintained with a shaper. Most gamers evaluate the roundness to that of a nickel, although some want the tightness of a “dime curve”. Shaping and scuffing too usually will trigger your tip to vanish rapidly, so solely form and scuff when crucial. The perimeters of the tip ought to be even with the ferrule, not mushroomed out. Get your self a scuffer/shaper and care for that tip!

THE SHAFT. Whenever you first bought your pool cue the shaft was good and clean, and slide by your bridge hand ever-so-easily. That did not final lengthy, did it? The sweat, oils, and dust out of your hand will gum up in your shaft in a short time, making it sticky and never so clean. How do you stop this, and the way do you clear it up? First, you can’t do a lot to stop this from occurring other than washing your arms usually and protecting them clear and dry. Some folks use powder, like child powder, on their bridge hand and on the cue. A tiny quantity of powder that has been completely rubbed in to your hand is okay – it makes your pores and skin softer, however powder ought to by no means be used as a lubricant. Wash your arms! Powder will trigger your pool cue shaft to gum up extra rapidly, and powder ruins the felt on the pool desk. Nothing appears worse or performs worse than clear inexperienced felt with white child powder throughout it as a result of some fool thought that they needed to dump powder throughout themselves in an effort to shoot higher! It simply ain’t so-so do not do it. It’s dangerous in your cue and dangerous for the desk. Have some respect, huh?

Wiping the shaft of your pool cue down with a smooth fabric in the midst of play will restrict the quantity of crud that builds up on it. Not consuming or consuming together with your bridge hand is an effective behavior to get in to as properly. Utilizing a really gentle leather-based burning pad sometimes is a good suggestion. In time nonetheless, the pores within the wooden of the shaft will turn into utterly crammed stuffed with dust and oils and it’ll want an intensive cleansing. I will inform you how I do it, simply keep in mind that if you happen to screw up you possibly can spoil your cue. eternally. Step one is to utterly wipe down the shaft (not he ferrule) with a smooth fabric and a few rubbing alcohol. You do not need to soak the wooden with it, use simply sufficient to scrub the wooden. Proceed wiping with alcohol till you do not see dust on the material. The alcohol removes the dust and oil from the wooden and opens the pores of the wooden. Now you need to simply let it sit and dry for a number of hours. Now it is time for wax! That is proper, I stated wax. It is advisable use 100% carnauba wax for this. As a result of wax is ok, so long as it’s 100% carnauba wax.

Identical to waxing a automobile, apply a coat of wax with a smooth fabric or applicator and let it dry to a haze. You can’t let it dry too lengthy, simply let it sit awhile and have some endurance. As soon as the wax has dried completely you may need to wipe it off – and instantly begin working the shaft with a leather-based burning pad (or a plain piece of thick leather-based if you do not have a burnisher – which you must have anyway). Wrap the leather-based across the shaft and stoke it up and down as quick as you may (sure, it sounds soiled). The extra you rub and the quicker you rub the warmer the wax will turn into, which permits it to work into the pores of the wooden. When you’re completed you’ll have a ravishing, clean shaft as soon as once more – however you are not completed simply but! You’ll must run by all the steps once more, apart from the alcohol half. Apply extra wax, let it dry, rub the heck out of it, repeat till you’ve gotten at the very least 3-4 layers of wax completely labored into the wooden. Now care for the tip and go shoot some pool!

THE BUTT. The butt of your pool cue should not want a lot upkeep in any respect. Preserve it clear and wipe it down with a smooth fabric throughout and after play. Do not hit issues with it and do not drop (or throw) it on the ground. The joints will loosen up, the wooden will crack, and elements will separate if you happen to do. Then you definitely’ll have to purchase an entire new cue.

“Dings” within the Shaft. Nothing is extra annoying than working your pool cue by your bridge and feeling little “dings” within the wooden. As arduous as we attempt to care for our pool cues these little tooth at all times appear to indicate up – as if by magic. Right here is a technique I discovered that can take away small imperfections out of your pool stick’s shaft. First, it is advisable to wipe the shaft down with rubbing alcohol similar to within the paragraph on cleansing the shaft. This can open the pores of the wooden. Subsequent, discover a spot the place you may place the shaft the place it won’t roll, and the place it will not get bumped. Lay the shaft (horizontally) down with the dings that you simply need to take away going through up. Now, soak a really small piece of tissue with water and roll it right into a ball (suppose miniature spitball) and place the tissue ball immediately on the indented spot on the shaft. It will be significant that the tissue ball not be bigger than the precise indent on the shaft. Let that set till it dries utterly – what occurs is that the wooden in that one tiny space absorbs the water from the tissue and swells, bringing that spot stage with the encompassing wooden. In an ideal world the “ding” may have disappeared, however what often occurs is that the “ding” turns into a small “bump” – which is ok as a result of bumps might be labored out with a burning pad pretty simply. After you have all your “dings” as much as stage or barely above stage it’s time to wax the shaft. Observe the directions above for the correct methodology to do that. In fact one other option to take away dings and dents out of your pool cue can be to take it to an expert, however the place’s the enjoyable in that?

NEVER USE ABRASIVES. Ever. Interval. Meaning no sandpaper, no scouring pads, no moist/dry paper, nothing. If it was designed to take away wooden than maintain it distant out of your pool cue! You by no means need to take away a layer of wooden simply to make it clean – you need to clear the prevailing wooden to keep up the form, stability, and really feel of the cue.

Your pool cue represents an funding in your half, so protecting it clear and in good situation will make it final a lifetime – now that is lots of pool enjoying!

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