The grown up guide to wearing polka dots

Mid-length, with oversized shoulders and a nipped in waist, the Duchess has five polka dot pieces from the designer, varying from a classic black and white print to a sky blue spotted sleeved dress which in the past six weeks alone have taken from her a Platinum Jubilee street party at Wimbledon and Ascot. Speaking to British Vogue about the allure of polka dots, Rich, who in the past has referenced Princess Margaret in peppered pieces on her mood boards, said it’s “a powerful print for a dress. It is classic but playful, sober and light, iconic and ironic.”

So what’s the best approach to getting your look spot this season? “Polka dots suit any body shape, but when it comes to the size of print, it usually looks best when you keep it proportionate to your general scale,” says personal stylist, Suzanne Delahunty.

“If you are petite, a large polka dot print might have the effect of swamping your frame whereas larger polka dot prints look fabulous on larger frames.” On the high street, M&S and Zara have prints varying from mini to maxi.

How bold you go is up to you. “Polka dots are fun, feminine and a little whimsical, so if that resonates with you, then the more polka dots the better,” adds Delahunty.

“For a double-polka dot look, try combining different pieces with the same colored polka dots and background colour, but different scales, large dots with small dots. You could also combine prints so that they are the negative of one another – white dots on a black background and black dots on a white background.” It’s time to join the dots!

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