What is this strange set of threads photographed by the Perseverance Chariot on Mars?

Space – The existence of this strange set of filaments on Mars soil probably has a more tacky explanation than we’d hoped.

A ball of string, a piece of string, spaghetti my place…a strange being filmed in mid-July on a day Mars by rickshaw perseverance It leaves the experts baffled. “There are a lot of doubts,” a company spokesperson confirmed. NASA.

However, the most logical explanation is on the ground. According to some hypotheses, they could be pieces of rope connecting perseverance with the umbrella that slowed its descent when it landed on Mars. It can also be the rope used to lower it during the last few meters (a stage called “Sky Crane”).

Little ropes moved by the wind

This wouldn’t be the first time the small rover had encountered its own equipment on Mars. In June, another photo showed what looked like a piece of aluminum foil sandwiched between two red stones. It was actually a piece of thermal insulation from the descent stage.

“It can be assumed that these small pieces of debris were moved by the wind after landing,” a NASA spokesperson said. Perhaps this waste is always in motion: some (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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