What’s the deal with the Little Miss meme all over social media right now?

'Little Miss' meme variation by @littlem1ssss


‘Little Miss’ meme variation by @littlem1ssss

Little Miss and Mr Men, two icons of children’s literature created by Roger Hargreaves, have seen a revamping on social media that has taken them far beyond their wholesome origins.

These brightly-coloured, blob-shaped illustrations we lovingly remember with innocent names Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Bump have been dragged into adulthood along with us, picking up some more relatable personality traits along the way.

From the overindulgent “Little Miss three iced coffees a day” to the bit too honest “Little Miss commitment issues”, the internet has made these illustrations into the bearers of the best but mostly worst of ourselves.

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So, who was the first person to give Little Miss and Mr Men a toxic trait facelift?

Last week Instagram user @juulpuppy claimed to be responsible for the popularization of this meme after one of their posts went viral.

However, as @juulpuppy themselves admitted and many commenters pointed out, this isn’t the first time the kid’s characters have been used as a meme format.

site Know Your Meme credits Tumblr user notyourgaybestie as the originator of the format when they posted “Little Miss smokes too much weed” in 2021.

Perhaps there’s a deeper, psychological reason as to why memes which put our biggest flaws on full display for the internet are so popular.

Over on Instagram, users are sharing these memes to “expose” themselves.

“Soft launching” your diagnosis with “Little Miss bipolar” or letting the world know your most embarrassing moment via “Little Miss banned from Uber” is all in the Gen Z/Millennial spirit of internet oversharing.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, users are transforming the Mr Men into their ex-boyfriends toxic traits, including “Mr Gaslight” and “Mr Ghosted Me”.

As one Twitter user said, “who needs therapy when u have very specific little miss memes”.

If you’re thinking the well has already run dry on this meme by now, you wouldn’t be the only one.

I’m ‘Little Miss struggling to keep up’ at this point.

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